What Makes You You

If you’re an English speaker in Bucharest, you’re in luck! This is the only monthly English improv comedy show in the city. “What makes you you?” is an English language improvised theatre show exploring the various aspects that people consider to be fundamental to their identity.

Do the deeds of our ancestors echo in our daily behavior? Do centuries of shared beliefs, customs, hardship or joy constitute a key part of our identity in this 21st century? Or do we have more in common, by means of a self-chosen set of values, with someone living hundreds or thousands of miles away?

In 1918 the current state of Romania was born. What did the inhabitants of the various regions think about this? How were they similar and how were they different?

Join Improvisneyland in an exploration of what makes people individuals, and what unites them with their fellow countrymen.

This show was invited to be part of IMPROFEST – the international improvisation theatre in Göteborg, Sweden, in September, 2016. It was the first Romanian participation to this festival. The next challenge? The show will be performed at Impro Amsterdam 2017! 

What Makes You You