English Improv Comedy Show

There are a lot of cool, interesting and open-minded people living in Bucharest, that don’t speak Romanian. We thought we’d like to meet them and also introduce them to the most dynamic and authentic form of entertainment: improvisational theatre.

There are more than 10 improv groups in Bucharest, but up until now, nobody dared to create an English language improvisation show, for expats.

Our show is a classical short-form performance with no script and no costumes. The audience becomes the director by offering suggestions and the actors are creating unique characters in fun, effervescent theatrical scenes, right before everybody’s eyes.

Charming, theatrical, hilarious! You might know the format from the popular TV show „Whose Line is it Anyway”. English speakers are invited to interact, share views on our common or different cultural background and have lots of laughs!

The English Improv Comedy Shows series started in June 2016 and continues with one show per month, in different venues in Bucharest.

Check out the news on our website here and the events on our Facebook page, to find out when the next show is scheduled.