What Makes You You?

Do the deeds of our ancestors echo in our daily behavior? Do centuries of shared beliefs, customs, hardship or joy constitute a key part of our identity in this 21st century? Or do we have more in common, by means of a self-chosen set of values, with someone living hundreds or thousands of miles away?

“What makes you you?” is an English language improvised theatre show exploring the various aspects that people consider to be fundamental to their identity.

Come and explore our common values and beliefs, at Recul – the first improvisation theatre in Romania.

Improvisneyland is a group of professional actors founded in 2008 in Bucharest, Romania. They have come together around the way improv keeps them alive and joyful, and have grown throughout the years to become not only good, innovative performers, but also generous and dedicated trainers.

Tickets available at the theatre. Reservations at: 0746 120 855

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